Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The reason moms don't get anything done

It's a universal truth if you're a mom--no matter how hard you work, nobody will ever be able to tell. Reason number one for this--your children are always doing things that require your assistance. They need you to make them something to eat, they need you to clean up the food they just ate (or dropped all over the floor, as the case may be,) they've just pulled themselves up to standing and are about to start heading up the stairs, needing you to intervene on their behalf. So inevitably, at least half your time is spent abandoning the thing you thought you wanted to do in favor of a more pressing matter. But doesn't she look so adorably proud of herself??
 Reason number two--you did actually manage to pull out the vacuum cleaner and were quite pleased with the thorough job you had just done. You finish up in the dining room, and head back into the room you just finished vacuuming less than five minutes ago. I am not kidding.
 And this is what you find.
 One of the guilty parties.
 More evidence of the crime. Seriously. A mother's work is never finished.


cassidy said...

Here, here! I feel like I work my tail off all day, but by the time James come home there is absolutely no evidence of it. It seems like just when I finally get a room looking clean (which takes hours) Truman comes in right behind me and tears it apart in a matter of minutes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Both KeeKee and Finley look pretty proud of themselves (and cute), though!

lexi said...

this makes me so excited to be a mom someday! but really why does it take kids a couple of minutes to make a huge mess and then it takes a mom a lot longer to clean it up. its not fair to us!