Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visiting Santa

We went to Westar's breakfast with Santa again this year, and it was a really fun event. After breakfast, Isaac rushed over to hear Mrs. Santa read stories.
She was really cute with Keekee and held her for a bit.
Then the kids sat on Santa's lap.

After a group photo, each kid sat on Santa's lap by themself for a moment.
My cute little boy!
Adorable little Finley.
Pretty Sareny.
And Keeley was so adorable! I was quite surprised that she didn't scream. She sat and stared at Santa for a bit.
Then she started playing with his beard.
Then she looked over at the camera.
After Santa, the kids did some crafts. It was a fun morning, and we were glad Lexi was able to come with us. We joked about needing to run home to bring our own syrup, since the lady handing that out was majorly skimping, but it was something we could laugh about, anyway!

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