Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nativity display

The West Valley has a non-denominational nativity display that they hold in the Goodyear Stake center every year. This was our second year going, and it was lots of fun. Sareny was not with us, because her church class had a party that same evening and they came to the nativities as a class.
Cute kids checking out the displays.
They have musical performances from various church and military groups. We were there when the Goodyear Stake performed, and they were super good so we sat down to watch them. They were accompanied by a symphony orchestra made up of adult members of the stake--pretty cool. Isaac took the above photo, and you can even see Keith and Keeley to the left of my head.
Finley was super excited to see her friend Bristyn. Her mom is Miss Darice, Finley's preschool teacher.
They look so cute together! I love how they are holding hands.
A group photo with Isaac in there too.
A cute boy.
And a cute girl.
Outside the building, where we were waiting for daddy.
Keith suddenly had to leave to go get Sareny at her teacher's house, since we didn't know what time her party was supposed to end, and when I called her teacher from the church, we found out she was sitting there waiting for us to come and get her! So they both came back to get us, and then we all went to QT for a treat. Can't wait to go back next year!

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lexi said...

i am quite the cute girl! i liked seeing all the nativities displayed, even the bear ones. and the goodyear stake choir was totally awesome with the symphony orchestra.