Thursday, January 31, 2013

Visiting Grammy

Once we finally got there, we had a lot of fun at Grammy Jo and Bampa's house. Jake and Liz were there with their boys, and they had given my parents this fun corn bag tossing game. We spent several afternoons playing it.
Sareny was pretty good!
We set up a doubel elimination tournament, and these guys were watching a game. You can also see a large dark blue corn bag flying through the air in the above picture.
Sareny was excited when she got it in!
Keeley looked so adorable in her new outfit and headband.
The kids also had fun climbing around in bampa's woodpile.
Josh and Charlie are so cute!
And then I just wanted a couple more pictures of my cute little Keeley River!

Here you can see the game board that we were tossing at--Jake spent a lot of time making and painting it.
We all took some turns tossing the bag.

Grammy held both of her little grandbabies.

Then we stood the two cousins up by each other.
They were so cute! Keeley would try to talk to William, and after a couple of seconds, he would start crying. It was a strange delayed reaction.
William looked right at me and smiled, but KeeKee was not looking.
What cuties! Jake and Liz headed home on Saturday, but our family stuck around at grammy's house for a few more days.

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Jolynn said...

The corn hole game was definitely a hit. I'm really glad Jake gave it to us. We had such a fun holiday. And those babies were posing so cute!