Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Finley loves going to preschool every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am so glad she is having such a great experience. Her teacher has the kids line up outside each day and wait for her to come out and get them. Above in the line is Emma, a boy, a boy, Bristyn, Finley, and Sydney. Finley doesn't remember the names of the boys, although she said, "I do remember Ezekial, but I don't know which one he is." There are also two more boys that were late the day I took the picture. The below picture also has her teacher, Ms. Darice.
Finley started school before I had met her teacher, and her first week I asked her what her teacher was like. She said, "Her only has hair on top of her head." I was frankly rather puzzled by this description, and was picturing perhaps a beehive. Then I met her and saw that she has a cute short haircut.
One day when Isaac was with us for dropoff, he was very surprised when Ms. Darice came out to get the kids. He said, "What?! Mr. Reese is a girl??" That was pretty funny.
Back in October, Finley told me that she said to Ms. Darice (who has a baby about a month younger than Keeley), "I don't like your baby." I was mortified! I told Finley that would make Ms. Darice feel bad, but Finley said, "Her didn't care. She said that it was good that I like my baby best."
Well, I immediately started trying to do damage control, and instructed Finley to say nice things about Ms. Darice's baby. I think she did, and it seems like Ms. Darice is a nice lady who hasn't held it against us...I hope!