Friday, January 25, 2013

school concert

The kids had a school concert in December, and it was so cute! The kindergartners were all dressed up in reindeer attire that they made themselves.
Isaac's favorite song they did was "We will Jingle," sang to "We will rock you." It was a little strange, but cute, and they shook jingle bells when they said jingle.
My favorite songs were "Mittens and Gloves" (keeps we warm like a nice bear hug, ROAR!) and "Do you know Blitzen?" Apparently, he's a boogey-woogey reindeer, and the kids did some pretty sweet boogying down.
The cute reindeer antlers made for some awkward photos.
After the concert, he blew us a kiss!
Then I went to his classroom to pick him up. Here he is with his friend Matteo.
Then he showed me a project he had been working on.
And a shot that shows his reindeer.
Then we went to Sareny's classroom, where they were waiting to go on.
I love the hugs Isaac gave Sareny--so cute!
Seriously, don't you love it?!
Cute siblings.
And a couple photos of Sareny by herself in her Christmas finery.
She looked so pretty!
I was glad that she got to be in the front row--Isaac had been in the back and it was difficult to see him.
They didn't seem to have the kids arranged by size much, and one mom was getting really irritated that her daughter was standing behind the tallish girls to Sareny's right. She was seriously going up and telling her daughter to switch places with them! Right when the concert was about to start! (Her daughter wisely ignored her.) Then she accosted the teacher who was helping the kids get in place to immediately complain about it. I seriously couldn't believe her, but it gave me something to chuckle about.
A smile during the concert. Sareny's class played several numbers on the recorder.
A quick shot right after the concert ended. Sareny is standing by her friends Aurora and Amelie, and right behind Sareny is the girl who's mom was getting all riled up. And she seem perfectly visible to me. (Although it is a little weird that the girl in red on the end, in particular, is located on the front row. But sometimes, you just have to let things go!)

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