Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jimbob Jingle-Jeremiah Candyhelper

Our family got an elf on the shelf this year! He arrived on our doorstep one day, and I carefully removed him from his packaging with a pair of kitchen tongs. As you may know, you may never touch your elf or he loses his magic. The first morning he was here, he made a snow angel in a plate of rice.
Some days he just hid and some days he was clever. The kids were always excited to see where he was going to be next.
It took us a while to decide on a name for him, but we finally settle on Jimbob Jingle-Jeremiah Candyhelper, or Jimbob for short.
One day while we were sleeping, Jimbob got ahold of the camera.
 He took a couple of self portraits.
 And a picture of his legs.
 Then he did a couple shots of the room.
One of my favorite things he did that I didn't take a picture of was the day he toilet papered our Christmas tree. I think that rather than being naughty, he just noticed our lack of garland and was trying to be helpful.
 There was also the day we found him putting a diaper on Santa. Lexi was convinced that again, he wasn't being mischeivous, just thinking of some time saving options for Santa to try out on Christmas Eve. I also liked the day we found him in a candy coma.
 Or drinking our syrup!
 One day after we had spaghetti, he got some leftovers and added his favorite topping, syrup.
We had a lot of fun with him, and can't wait until he comes back next year!

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holli jo said...

I love the self portraits and the spaghetti and syrup. Funny. I sort of wish we had one, but at the same time I have feelings against him. Boo. :(