Monday, January 28, 2013

melted snowmen

On Christmas Eve morning, we set to work making some masterpiece sugar cookies for Santa. I had seen the idea for melted snowmen cookies online and decided we would give it a try. The kids were excited to try something different.
I was a little concerned that this might be above their skill level and that we should have just stuck to the usual dumping sprinkles all over the cookies, but they had a good time and Sareny and Isaac made some really cute ones all by themselves. Finley required a bit of help.
Keeks was happy just to be included in the activity.
To make these cookies, we made cream cheese frosting (because it is delicious!) I heated a small bowl in the microwave for a few seconds to help it spread nice and smooth. The marshmallow heads were also heated in the microwave for a few seconds before we placed them on the cookies. Keith made this one. So cute!
Here are two that I made for Finley.
Sareny made Harry Potter.
And this one, that we named "Big Lips."
Isaac made these two--he said the one on the right was a zombie, and the one on the left was a monster.
And a parting shot of this cute guy. These were really fun! It just took a bit of prep coloring the frosting and loading it into bags, but I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it.

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Jolynn said...

Those are so cute! And of course Isaac would make monsters and zombies. What a fun activity for the kids.