Monday, January 7, 2013

Feed the birds

 A couple of times, before we take Isaac to school, we have headed over to south lake to feed the ducks and coot birds. It is always so much fun! Finley gets a little bit scared, so she likes to climb on the table to get away from them. Although last time we went, a ranger asked us to move away from the table area when feeding them so they didn't associate the tables with food...makes sense.
 Keeley was a happy smiley girl.
 I loved all of her little smiles!
 Such a sweetie.
 It's fun having Lexi around to do stuff like this with.
 Isaac prepared a feast for the birds--look at his hands! He was just about to toss all the bread up into the air.
 Finley finally got brave and came down off the table.
 Such a pretty girl!
 We also had Sydney with us, since I was taking the girls to preschool on my way to taking Isaac to school.
 It was such a mild day for early December. The weather was perfect, no jackets required.
 We've heard the hoa might be getting rid of the coot birds because they are a "nuisance." We will certainly miss them, if they do. And by getting rid of, I mean do them in.
 I love being able to do fun things like this in the morning before taking Isaac to school!
 Keeley wanted to try the bread as well. And since we weren't even using stale bread, that was okay.
 I showed Keeley how it is done.
Anyway, it was a fun morning outing.

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lexi said...

i love feeding the birds at the lake, especially my favorite duck with the craycray hair stu! but im going to miss those coot birds with the weird feet!