Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nice Fu Manchu

After getting ahold of the kids' crayon/colored pencil box, Keeley was sporting a pretty sweet fu manchu.
 I love that chubby faced little grin!
Occasionally Keely likes to sit in her swing. Not often though. And if she is digging it, never make the mistake of getting her out of the swing before she is actually crying. Or you'll all be sad and mad.
I am going to miss these little gummy smiles, since Keeley's first tooth just popped through a couple days ago.
 Isaac and Finley writing letters to Andrew and Emily. In fact, I believe this actually occured just moments before Keeley got ahold of the very pencils in their hands...
 Besides holding a pencil, Isaac is also holding not one, but two ipods. Because you never know when one might run out of batteries.

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lexi said...

isaac that's two! Two ipods! i like keeley's fu manchu! and i laughed about being sad and mad if you get her out of the swing before she is screaming.