Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Showering Lexi with love and good wishes

We had a bridal shower for Lexi on March 2nd, the week before she got married. It was a crazy day, because she went through the Mesa temple that morning, and we got home just in time for the shower. I had to have everything ready and in place Friday night before we went to bed. 
The decorations were really cute! My mom brought a few of the poof balls, we hung some streamers, and we made good use of the pendant banner Lexi made for my baby shower a year ago. I believe it has now been utilized 4 times.
 My mom gave Lexi these wedding Minnie ears with matching wedding Mickey ears for Scott, as well as this Vicki's Secret berzie. Or bra, if you are not a member of my family. Somebody (Lexi? Cass? my mom?) came up with "berzie" quite a few years ago, and for some of us, the name has stuck.
 Opening up her gifts. She got some nice things.
 My mom was writing down what she said as she opened her gifts, and then that would be what she says on her wedding night. Only Lexi was being incredibly sanguine and saying very little. The look on her face above is very typical. She would open a gift, look kind of embarrassed, but not say very much. What the heck? I at least said, "Ooh, these are nice and heavy" when the silverware was passed around, and we tried to pass that one off as something she had said. :)
I think Holl Jo gave her the lingerie below. It was funny though, because there was some confusion right as she opened it and the guests all thought it was from a sweet, traditional, respectable older lady in the ward and they were gasping in surprise.
 And this is the beauty I gave her. I had to travel to an unmentionables type of store to purchase such an item, but it was well worth it.
 That look on her face is priceless! haha.
I also gave her a mop bucket filled with household type items, and each thing had a clever tag on it. I'll see if I can remember them all:
mop bucket--Wishing you buckets of joy
matches--To the strikingly beautiful bride
water picture--hope your wedding day is picture perfect
toilet plunger--congratulations on taking the plunge
glass measuring cup--may you have joy beyond measure
scraper/spatula--remember to hang in there when you feel like you are scraping by
lingerie--to the blushing bride
It was a lot of fun putting that gift together, and her shower was lots of fun.


Jolynn said...

Good post Hill. Very funny! That was pretty good when we tried to pass of that comment of yours as one she said. She caught it though, and said, "When did I say that?" It was a fun shower. And you'll be glad to know I still have the banner, as I'm sure it can be utilized again. It's tradition now.

cassidy said...

Cute! I wish I could have been there. It sounds pretty fun. That game sounds a bit scandalous though! Poor embarrassed Doozie.