Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a Great Day for a White Wedding

Come on now, who doesn't have Billy Idol in their heads right now? Given the readership of my blog, probably nobody does. Except for John, who is incredibly savvy about these types of things, although I can't say for certain that he frequents the blog. 
Lexi got married on March 9th and the day before, everybody was working hard getting everything ready. Keith and I made the above cake, which was a style we had never done before. It was quite a bit of work, but I thought it turned out pretty nice. John was on babysitting duty for the older kids, and it was nice having him around to chat with while everybody else was down at the church getting set up. Keeley went to a friend's house so we could be free to work without trying to keep her out of everything. The day of her wedding was perfect weather for pictures--just a little overcast.
KeeKee and her daddy.
The Larsen family looked adorable.
Our cute family. The wedding colors were pink, yellow, and grey, and we had all the colors covered. On a random note, I find that I spell the word grey the British way, as opposed to the American gray.
The Ronquillos looking rather dapper.
A few of my kids, because they just looked so nice in their new outfits.

You can tell that we had some time while we waited outside the temple for the bride and groom to emerge.
Another shot of our family.
The Keels were cute.
The fathers at the door, ready to open them up to welcome the newlyweds.
And there they were!
They looked so happy and in love.
And then they dipped into this pose spontaneously. Haha, just kidding. The photographer totally set up this shot, but isn't it cute?
Alexis and Scott Knight.
Then the kids rushed forward to greet them.
They were all so adorable.
Sareny loves to be held, I think we all know that. This just looked so sweet, I had to snap a picture.
And from the front as well. What a good bampa to hold his biggie 8 year old granddaughter.
After an abundance of pictures, Kara (Scott's mom) handed out sack lunches, and we headed back to Overton for the party.


John said...

I read it all the time...I'm just sparse in commenting. Thanks for the shout out!

Jolynn said...

Well you toot, now I guess I will have to steal all the pics off your blog and do a blog of my own. Maybe. Not sure if I love blogland enough to continue with it. But I'm glad you do. You got some great pics of the wedding day.