Sunday, April 14, 2013

A wedding, from Isaac's point of view

And here is Lexi's wedding from another perspective: through the eyes of a six year old boy. Love the upwards angle.
The interesting design in the bricks.
These girls are in my parent's ward and were on hand to babysit all our kids while we were inside.
Another shot of tio Johnny.
There was a whole series of shots of this little girl, who belongs to my cousin Matt.
Finley with her pretty flower boquet.
A random shot of the crowd.
Extreme closeup! I'm reasonably sure this is Rhys.
Love these two of Josh. Just so silly!
Chuckles looks like he is chuckling.
More of Joshie Keel.
Cousin Rhystopher.
Doing the trout pout, perhaps?
And I'm not sure who is showing us the inside of their mouth, but I'm guessing Josh.
And that is what the children did at Lexi's wedding.


Jolynn said...

Isaac is quite the photographer. He took some interesting pics. The wide open mouth at the end is great. It's some kid without any cavities. Fun to see what he thought was picture worthy!

holli jo said...

I love his perspective! Very fun. Plus the kids pose better for each other, apparently.