Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The rest of the weekend at Grammy's

 The day after the wedding, we had fun at Grammy's house with the cousins! Somebody made this big box fort, and the kids played around in it for a while.
 Then we got out the corn hole game. Grammy held some of her grandkids--Ivy, Isaac, and Sareny.
 Isaac and Truman on the slide.
 John and Holli tried out the game.
 Sareny and Isaac both had fun playing.
 And daddy getting ready to give it a toss.
 Inside, the kids played things like marble run.
 Or cars.
 Or dancing limber louie--always a hit!
 Sareny wanted to learn how to make a poofball, so Grammy showed her how.
 She did a good job. That girl is always wanting to do crafts.
Later that night after the Larsen's had left, we played glow in the dark hide and seek. It was so much fun! My favorite part of the evening was when Isaac and Rhys were seeking together and they went into the laundry room where Bampa was hiding in the corner under a sheet. Bampa told us later that Isaac whacked him in the chest with his glow bracelet, then reached out and poked him in the chest and said, "Nope." Rhys walked over, reached under the sheet, grabbed Bampa's arm and said, "Hmm. Wood." And they turned around and left. A certain poor 8-year old jumped out of her hiding place in a closet so she could run to the bathroom...but she should have jumped out just a little bit sooner, as it turned out...Apparently that closet still smelled weeks later. :( But it was pretty silly at the time.
We had such a fun time with grandparents, cousins, tios, and tias!

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