Thursday, April 11, 2013

A fun time at the park

The day we were leaving to go to Grammy's for Lexi's wedding, we went to the park before school. Keeley has finished walking and moved on to running.
 Finley and her friend Sydney.
Isaac dug a big hole in the sand. He is worried about getting macular degeneration, so he wore a pair of my sunglasses to protect his eyes. And if those sunglasses look like they came right out of the 80's, I thought so too! I had a pair just like them in 7th grade, and when I saw them recently at Target, I bought myself another pair, just for old time's sake.
 Finley showing me a line of sand on her arm.
 Keeley likes the slide.
 Some sisterly love.
 Check out those teethies! I just love little baby smiles.
I love big girl smiles too.

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Jolynn said...

So cute. I love their smiles too. And I didn't know that was why Isaac has been wearing those glasses. Poor little worry wart! Already worrying about that. Maybe you should get him some groovier sunglasses if he's going to be wearing them all the time. I mean, not that those 80's glasses aren't groovy, but you know, maybe some granny glasses from the 70's.