Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We all wore green to church on St. Patty's day, and came home to a traditional, delicious dinner of corned beef and cabbage.
Sareny and Isaac have their forks ready to go, and Finley is eyeing up the meat in the above picture!
I love our bonny wee lass!


Jolynn said...

Your wee bonny lass is adorable. And your St. Patrick's day meal looks so del! (del means delish, delish means delicious) Haha. I hope Cass reads this! I had every intention of cooking corned beef and cabbage, but somehow it didn't happen.

lexi said...

I didn't even remember to wear green this year... and its a good thing i wasn't at your house since last year yous guys woke me up to pinch me. That dinner looks so yummy!