Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pi day

As you may be aware, March 14th is pi day. You know, 3.14. This year, I completely forgot about it until midway through the day when Keith mentioned it in a phone call. I was just going to purchase a pie at the store and call it good, but when I mentioned it at the park to my friends Bridgette and Morgan a little bit later, they were pretty excited to celebrate pi day as well. Morgan was like, "I feel like we should have a party!" And so we did! We met at Bridgette's house along with a couple of other friends and we all brought pie.
I made this raspberry cheesecake-y type pie. The favorite of the evening, however, was the ice cream pie Bridgette made.
The kids had fun hanging out with their friends. The older kids played Kinect on the Xbox.
Keeley wandered around looking cute.
The little girls played house, or something. It was a fun evening with friends! I'm glad Morgan had the idea to make a party out of it!

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