Monday, April 29, 2013

KeeKee gets into mischief

A baby and a box of tissues. Need I say more??
Keeley loves getting into the cupboards. We have locked up the ones that we can, but some of them are just free game.
On this day, she was actually climbing right in and sitting down.
Which was all fun and games until she decided she wanted out, and that six inch ledge was just a little too frightening.
Her poor, sad little snotty nosed face! Sadly, this is the face I see more often than not, because lately she just is not very happy. If I stand up, she is right there with me crying and pulling on my leg. If I sit down, she cries for me to pick her up and as soon as I do, she is squirming and trying to get down. When I let her down, she immediately starts crying and wants me to pick her up. And this cycle repeats All. Day. Long. She wakes up grouchy and she goes to bed grouchy.
Last night when I went to rock her before bed, she actually snuggled in on my shoulder and layed there. I was like, what the heck?! Usually, I sit down to rock her for a minute and she is arching and pushing and struggling to get away. After a couple minutes of this, I lay her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Which is nice, but she does not snuggle or hug. Ever. Very rarely, she will give kisses.
Then this morning came another shocking moment. I was laying in bed feeding her and she sat up and looked around. Then she decided she was done eating and she lay down by me and snuggled up to me. And she stayed there and let me hug her! That hasn't happened, like ever. Usually, as soon as she is done eating, she is sliding off the edge of the bed and running.
I realize this sounds like I am complaining, and sure, I am. But I also thought it might be helpful to remember this info for when Keeley is all grown up and taking care of her own difficult, fussy toddler, and I can remember a little bit what that was like. And also I can say, "Hey, if anyone deserves it..."


cassidy said...

Agh, this is what Ivy has been like for the past few weeks! She keeps getting sick, but even when she's not sick anymore she still whines and cries all day if I'm not holding her. But then when I pick her up she starts arching and trying to climb down. It's a lose-lose situation.

Sorry KeeKee is so needy!! But I'm glad that you occasionally get blessed with those nice moments of snuggles and loves. Those make all of it worth it!

holli jo said...

Oh, KeeKee. So naughty! So cute! I'm sorry you're going through a tough stage. I'm glad she let you snuggle her a little.

lexi said...

I totally understand what you go through everyday since I lived with you. KeeKee is so needy but so sweet too. And I do hope that one day you can say to her if anyone deserves it haha!