Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sareny's Birthday

We celebrated Sareny's birthday in the evening with our family. I somehow didn't take pictures of any of the adults, but John, Lexi, and Scott came, although Scott had to leave early and now I can't remember why. Sareny selected tacos for her birthday dinner, and they were super delish. Then she opened up her presents. The Ronquillos gave her some really cute and fancy chocolates and an itunes giftcard.
Lexi and Scott gave her some nailpolish and fake fingernails.
Finley gave Sareny this cute shirt, and not pictured--Isaac gave Sareny a One Direction cd.
And, in keeping with tradition, Daddy gave Sareny these bras. When I was in fifth grade, my dad gave me my first bra for Christmas. (And yes, I was kind of old to be getting a first bra...I think my parents were in denial that I was growing up and liking it!) I remember being super embarrassed opening that up on Christmas morning, so we decided it would be a good idea to give Sareny that same experience. haha.
Grandma Nancy sent this cute tea set that Sareny absolutely loves.
And this huge present was from mommy. These is just something super cool and exciting about a giant gift, am I right?
All the kids helped her unwrap it.
Then she had to pull out the packing material. (There could be anything in there!~A Christmas Story)
And then she finally opened it up and saw that it was a hot pink moon chair for her room.
The kids climbed on, and Rhys is even pictured on the iphone where they were doing facetime.
Keeley walked up to the chair, and Lexi was like, "Come on and have a sit in the headmaster's chair, KeeKee!" and put her in for a go. That quote is from She's the Man, and it was pretty funny when she said that.
Sareny checking out the tea set, which came in a cute little wicker basket.
And then Keeley became our totes cra-cra cheerleader with the poof balls. She picked them up and was running around shaking them. It was pretty cute and funny.
And look at that--I did get a picture of John and Lexi.
You can see the motion in the above picture.
Then we went in the kitchen for birthday Hula Pie. Sareny picked that as her treat instead of cake, and it was super yummy! It was John's first time experiencing the yummyness of Hula Pie, and I think he approved.
Happy birthday to our growing up too fast nine year old girl! We love her tons.


cassidy said...

Oh my word, this post! I can't believe that Keith gave Sareny bras! Was she so barrassed?? And I didn't know Dad gave you bras for Christmas. What the heck? Did Mom make him do it? I don't picture him thinking of that himself. Cute little Kee Kee. And Yummy Hula Pie!! How smart of Sareny to request that. I'll have to remember that on my birthday and have a slice of the real thing!

Jolynn said...

Well I wish I could totes remember the story of the Christmas bras, but I can't. My guess is that I needed something for Dad to give Hill at the last minute, and I had those bras...... silly though. It looks like Sareny had a fantastic birthday though, even with the bersie situation. Hula Pie!!! I want some.

holli jo said...

Happy birthday, Sareny. She looks like she loved it! Glad John (and Rhys! haha) could be there.

lexi said...

Ok, that is a horrible picture of me! Sareny had a great birthday, she got lots of awesome presents and delish hula pie! I loved watching Sar open those bras. And Keeley totes loved having a sit in the headmasters chair! And running around seriously being cra cra with those poof balls.