Friday, April 26, 2013

Sareny's Piano Recital

Sareny started taking piano lessons last June, and she had her first piano recital on her birthday this year.
She was a little nervous before the recital, but she did really good.
She played three songs: the theme from Star Wars, the Bubblegum Song, and Bach's Minuet.
We made her wear her birthday badge on her dress.
At the end of her final number, the book started closing and she had to tilt her head with it to keep playing, but she did really good.
Then she had to curtsy at the end.
The students Deseret teaches: front row Allie, Sareny, Alora (pouting on the floor) Shea. Back row: the Wray's cousin, Jenna, Echo, Megan, Noah, Jackson, Zach. It was a really fun performance, and all of the kids did great!


Jolynn said...

Yay for Sareny! I wish we could have heard her first piano recital. :(

lexi said...

I liked how she was turning her head to see her music when her book started to close. She did so good at her first piano recital.