Monday, April 15, 2013

The most fabulous reception I've ever seen

And it had a pretty fabulous cake, if I do say so myself. :)
Keith and I worked hard on this cake! We had to purchase some tools and learn some new skills to make it.
We make a pretty good team--which is why I like making cakes together. He rolled out the long strips of fondant, and I used a ruffling tool to ruffle the edges and stick each layer on the cake.
These old doors are so cool, and the bride and groom and their parents stood in front of them.
 The theme was milk and cookies, and there were a variety of related items in the room.
 Gorgeous poof balls and twinkling lights were strung above the tables.
I thought the flowers in little milk jugs with twinkle lights inside were also really pretty.
The cookie bar, before it got loaded.
Liz made these cute thank you's--a bag of cookies that said, "We go together like milk and cookies.
I loved these large black and white pictures around the room--my dad made the frames from reclaimed wood--which is a very trendy thing to do these days! The wood came from the fence he built around our backyard when I was a kid, which is falling apart in the very back.
The entire room was just really lovely! It took most of my family all day Friday to get it all set up just right, plus the countless hours previously spent making poofballs, the picture frames, other decorations, hundreds and hundreds of cookies, and running around borrowing a bunch of the decor.
This old looking vanity was used as the sign-in desk.
Some more milk details.
A view of the poofballs and lights.
And the doors again. Lexi made most or all of the paper medallions.
The table loaded up with cookies.
There were so many yummy kinds of cookies!
It was really cute.
Lexi and Scott arrived at the reception.
These cute swaggy bows lined the entryway.
You can see how pretty the twinkle lights looked once they dimmed the interior lights.
Isaac got ahold of the camera again...
And took a silly self-portrait!
Sareny found a lap to sit on!
They said Sareny was over there entertaining them for quite a bit.
And the last picture I took of the evening--Lexi and Scott cutting the cake.
I didn't get a picture of Lexi throwing the boquet, which Sareny and Ashley Hoopes both kind of caught at the same time. Ashley was nice and let Sareny have it though, which was nice. I was kind of glad Sareny got it, because it was her boquet they threw, so she got to keep it after all. Which those kind of things usually matter to a kid.
Lastly, we all lined the walk and lit sparklers for the bride and groom to run through out to their car, before they drove off into the sunset. Actually, they just drove around to the other side of the church and Lexi went in and got changed into something more comfortable for the drive to Las Vegas. But it looked cool to drive off in your dress. :)

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Jolynn said...

It was fun to see all of the pictures and how pretty everything was. When I think back of all the work and hours of making stuff it just makes me tired!I did LOVE how the cake turned out, and I know how many hours you and Keith spent on that! You can be proud of it though. And good thing you documented everything with pictures because you know Sareny wants an exact duplication for her wedding!!!