Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3rd grade Market

The third graders had to come up with a product, make it, and then sell it at a special market to other kids and parents. I thought this was a great way to teach them about economics.

Sareny's group, which consisted of Kiana, Sareny, Amelie, and Liana, decided to make felt flower clips. The girls had to bring in supplies and keep track of the receipts so they could see if they made a profit at the end.
 Here is their table sign. I cut the words out for them on my silhouette.
 Some of her friends--Hunter, Nathan, Dax, and Jonathon.
 Boy, Riley, Boy.
 Seth, Christella, Natalie.
Sareny with her teacher, Ms. McCord. The market lasted for three days, and she was so excited the last day when they sold out of their clips. They had started out with 50, and true, one of the moms bought 10 of them, but still. Her group made the most money in their class! The money was all donated to the Water for Life program in Africa. Good job Sareny!


lexi said...

were you the mom that bought 10 of them? I still haven't received the one I bought... sareny's group did a good job on them though. and i cant believe they made the most money espesh after the first day and they sold one to me grammy and you.

hillari said...

I know! I thought about buying 10 of them, but I only bought those three. I don't know how they managed to sell out!