Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3-D model of Saturn

Sareny's third grade class ended the year with a big astronomy project, and for part of it she had to pick a planet and create a 3-d model. She chose Saturn, because it starts with an 'S' like her name. She started with a nerf-like soccer ball and covered it with paper mache'. (I know that word is not punctuated correctly, but that is as close as I know how to make it.)
Keith assisted Sareny with this project, although she really did it all herself and he was there to help and offer suggestions.
While the planet was drying, she worked on Saturn's many rings and ringlets. We all learned quite a bit from this project--for instance, I previously had no idea most of the rings are actually called ringlets.
 She had the idea to watercolor the rings and then use some puffy paint to add detail.
Here she is in her class with the finished project. She worked really hard on it, but I know she had fun too because she got to paint and do crafty things. Saturn and the six moons that she painted all have multiple colors that she sponged on to give them a realistic look. I was really proud of her for working so hard and doing such a great job.


cassidy said...

Awesome job, Sareny! That's way better looking than anything I ever made for school, and way more involved. It looks really good!!

Jolynn said...

Way to go Sareny! You did such a good job on your project. I hope you got an A+.

lexi said...

Sareny did such a good job on her project! I always thought paper mache looked so fun. Did she love it?