Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeley River turns 1!

 This little girl had a birthday! I could hardly believe a whole year had gone by.
First we opened presents, and daddy helped her open them up.
She got this cute little dress from Lexi and Scott.
She needed a bit of help to get the wrapping off.
 She got an Arial barbie for the tub, and she carried it around with her for the rest of the evening.
She got the monkey George movie, which I realized I have now purchased this same movie three times. The first time, we had borrowed the movie from the Dominguez's. It somehow got lost or broken, so I had to buy them a replacement movie. Our kids had liked it so much that I ended up buying it for ourselves a little later. Then, we somehow lost a whole sleeve of movies after a road trip that we never found, and that was one of the movies that went missing. So this makes the third time! 
 Here she is with the Arial.
 Lexi and Scott were the only other party guests.
 I wanted a cute picture of me and her, but she just kept squirming and trying to get away.
Then we got out her cake and sang to her.
She was cute and looked around at all of us as we sang to her, but unlike Finley's first birthday, she didn't join in.
 Isaac loves her so much and just wanted to be close to her.
 Then all the kids got in for a picture.
 They had to help blow out the candles.
And then it was time for her to go to town on the cake. First she removed the cookie from the top.
And tasted it.
And liked it!
She really got the hang of eating that cake.
 She left no piece undemolished.
 I was seriously surprised by how thorough she was. Here she tore a big chunk off.
 And then she shoved the chunk in her mouth.
 Then she lifted up the entire cake.
She didn't actually eat it all, but it kind of looks like she did.
 I have never seen a baby trash a cake so effectively and methodicallly.
She was so darn cute! We love our little Keeley River. How has the time flown so fast??


cassidy said...

Haha, it really does look like she ate it all! I love all the cake pics. She definitely made sure there was nothing left of the cake! The one of all the kids is precious. I have one like that from my first birthday!

lexi said...

happy to keekee! she was a cute birthday girl and loved her presents. i was glad she destroyed her cake, that is always fun for first birthdays.

holli jo said...

Happy birthday, KeeKee! So cute.

Jolynn said...

That is the cutest mess I have ever seen! What a sweet birthday girl. The pics are all so adorable. She sure looked like she loved that cake!