Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We went to the prom! Our area puts on a tri-stake prom for the high school kids, and the night before that, they have an adult prom! It's tons of fun and the decorations are always so fabulous.
We met up with some friends for dinner at The Olive Garden. It was pretty funny when our waiter asked what we were all dressed up for and we said, "We're going to the prom."
The theme this year was 1940's Hollywood, and there were details everywhere you looked. I took some pictures of the decor, but it was really so much cooler than my pictures look.
 The red carpet led up to the doors.
 Inside, you had to go through a red tunnel lined with papparazzi to get to the event.
 One side of the cultural hall was set up like a lounge.
 The other side was the dance floor.
 I am telling you, there were cute and amazing details everywhere you looked.
 They had food set up.
 They even decorated the bathrooms!
 This dressing area was in the mother's lounge.
And along one whole hallway was a giant Hollywood sign mural. The floors had giant gold stars, and even all the doors had lights above them and a star's name on them like it was their dressing room.
This was the game room--it was totally wrapped in black paper and the piano back in the corner was wrapped in shiny silver paper. It looked really nice.
 Me and my hot date!
 Me and my sissie striking some lovely poses.
 They also had a super cute movie scene area where a photographer took your picture.
We really had such a fun time! Can't wait to see what they come up with next year!


cassidy said...

Holy Cow! They really went all out for the prom. How fun that they let you go too! And not on the same night as all the youth. You look cute!!

lexi said...

im glad i got to go to prom this year. it was really fun even though peeps wouldn't dance with me! the decorations were fab, more fab than my high school proms. and si, you do look cute.

holli jo said...

I want to go to prom! It looks awesome! And you guys all look cute.