Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wheels on the car go round and round

 We did a lot of driving this year. Here is what some of that looked like for Isaac.
 A self portrait.
 Lots of views of sissy.
 A nice upside down shot of his missing tooth.
 Another self portrait.
 And another one of sissy.
 Finley was sitting in the back.
 Crazy pose by Sareny.
This little girl has gotten pretty used to being in the car. I love how happy and smiley she is!


lexi said...

love all the pics of keekee. and isaac's self portraits

cassidy said...

So cute! I love Sareny's crazy pose. Sweet that IJ took so many pics of Keeley. I feel like she looks so different from your other kiddos. Maybe more like you?

Jolynn said...

I don't know who Kee Kee takes after, but she cracks me up with her silly smile. She is the cutest darn thing!