Friday, May 24, 2013

The next day

The day after Keeley's birthday, she wore one of her new outfits from grandma Nancy. She looked so adorable in it!
 Seeing her little smiles just makes me smile too.
 I think she likes having her picture taken.
 She also likes sticking her tongue out.

 Then she did this little lip vibrating/raspberry type thing she likes to do.
 We love our cute little girl!


cassidy said...

KeeKee is SO cute! I love those cute little smiles. I wonder if she likes sticking out her tongue because of her teeth. Or maybe she's getting new ones? Such a cutie.

lexi said...

she does do that lip vibrating thing all the time! and what a cute little keekee! love her little smiles with her biggie teeth (is that mean) and tongue sticking out.

Jolynn said...

She is such a cutie pie! Love her mucho mucho mucho!