Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me and my favorite boy

 Isaac's kindergarten teacher asked us to send in a picture of our child with their mommy, so one afternoon we took a couple pictures of just the two of us.
I loved how they turned out! These pictures are so precious, and I need to hurry and take some with each of my children.
Isaac is such a fun, happy, affectionate boy and I love him so much! I remember not so very long ago feeling frustrated and just exhausted with him. (Mostly when he was around three.) These days though, he is such a kind, easy boy to have around.
Sareny took these pictures of us, and I thought she did a great job.

So glad we needed these pictures for something--they sure are cute!


cassidy said...

Such cute pictures! Igits looks really cute and you look really pretty!! I like your hair.

I asked Truman who this was and he thought it was me and I told him to guess again and he said Lexi. I guess we all look alike!

holli jo said...

They are really cute, and you look really good, Hillari! Also, that's hilarious about Truman. You guys do look a lot alike.