Sunday, May 12, 2013

Clark County Fair--the other stuff

In between all those rides, we took in a couple of shows and ate some funnell cake. The plate of funnell cake was left unattended, and Keeley headed over and helped herself.
She was so cute wadding it in! You can see that her poor little eyes haven't quite recovered from the sunscreen though.
Then while Keith and I went out to the van, Sareny and Isaac rode the mechanical bull. I would have liked to have seen them--I bet they were cute. When we got back, Finley had decided she wanted to try it, but just after Lexi paid, she changed her mind. So Lexi got up there for her 8 seconds of glory.
The ride starts out really gentle and gradually increases in ferocity.
This was moments before she toppled off.
Those sore little eyes! I was amazed that she left that cute little hat on so good, because since that day, she tries to take it off as soon as it touches her head.
We went in to see the animals.
Some of the adults in our group, including Scott's grandma, who lives in Las Vegas.
We all loved these cute little piggies.
I don't know what it is about baby pigs, or really baby anything, they are just cute!
Sareny and Finley.
The little spotted pig kept trying to eat, but its mom was standing up eating, so it wasn't getting a good latch. It kept trying though!
There is Isaac with the pigs.
Grammy Jo held little KeeKee.
More of Grammy and Keeley.
The last thing we did was watch an acapella group perform. The rest of our group had already seen them earlier in the day while I took Isaac and Sareny on rides (and Finley slept), and Keith thought our kids would really enjoy the show. So we stayed and watched their second performance while the everybody else went home. It was a really cool, fun show, and the kids loved it so much we stuck around and met a few of the band members afterwards.
 They were really nice and talked to the kids for a while. Finley didn't want to get in the above picture, but agreed to get in the bottom one at the last second. Silly girl!
Anyway, I think it is safe to say that fun times were had by all at the Clark County Fair.

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lexi said...

keeley was cute wadding in the funnel cake. and i have never even wanted to ride one of those mechanical bulls, but that darn little finney wouldn't get on! the baby pigs are one of my favorite animal to see at the fair, and the baby chicks and bunnies.