Monday, May 6, 2013

Having some fun at Cabela's!

I love going to Cabela's--they have so many interesting things to do and see. We went with the Ronquillos the day after Sareny's birthday party and had a lot of fun. The kids checking out the fish in the aquarium.
 And Sareny has a rather devious look in the above picture!
 We spotted a very pale fish.
 Keeley had fun looking at the fish too.
John mentioned something about an archery range, and I was like, What? I had no idea they had that. So I spoke to a worker post haste and arranged for us all to shoot a bow and arrow. Except right after I did that, everyone else in our group informed me that I was the only one interested in shooting. So I gave it a go.
 It was fun, but harder than it looks--my arrows didn't exactly go right where I was expecting them to.
 And then I somehow convinced Keith to try it out. It was pretty fun, after all.
 I think Keith enjoyed it as well, but Holli and John were not up for trying it out.
My kids thought these weird zombie targets were hysterical--Rhys more appropriately thought they were creepy. Notice how Finley is letting this one chomp right on her hand--guess she wouldn't last long in a zombie apocolypse.
Then we went upstairs to the laser shooting arcade, and Finley and Rhys got a kick out of the talking deer head on the wall. Which, let me tell you, that thing gets annoying real fast.
 We spent a while shooting at the lasers.
 I taught Isaac the proper technique, and he got pretty good at hitting the targets.
 John and Rhys, with Rhys still fascinated by the deer head. Pretty sure John was not.
 Keith played around with Keeley.
 Holli Jo shooting the guns.
 I love this one--they look like a frontier pa with his daughter, shooting at varmints.
 John helped the kids out.
 And then there was a whole series of photos showing the shooting area...yep, IJ got the camera again.
Rhys found the toys...we have realized that toys to Rhys are what electronics are to Isaac. He is obsessed with them and loves to play with them, look at them, pick them out at stores, and talk about them.
 We tried the pink cowboy hat on Keeley, but she wasn't having that.
 Finley, on the other hand, came up with these adorable poses all on her own.
 What a sweetie!
 And then Finley and Rhys danced the two step all the way to the store entrance.
 It was pretty adorable.
 Sareny is, of course, always up for a good pose.
After Cabela's, we headed over for burgers at Five Guys before heading home. It was a fun evening last evening with the Ronquillos, since they were headed back to Chicago the following day, which was Easter Sunday.


lexi said...

And now I am like, WHAT? They have archery? Oh, I totes would have had a go at that with you! I'm glad Keith did it with you. I'm with Rhys, those zombies are creepy. Rhys and Fin are cute watching the talking dear head, I like Rhys's expression. Sounds like you guys had fun at Cabela's!

holli jo said...

So fun! They were so cute. You forgot the part where they started looking for the animals' privates. Haha. Remember that?

hillari said...

I am totally laughing right now, because I had forgotten about the animal privates part!