Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Girl

 Keeley is just getting to be so big! Here are a few pictures of her that I think one of the kids took.
 She likes to sit in boxes. We went to Costco and I put the boxes on the floor to be recycled, and she climbed right in and made herself comfortable.
 I love this silly little grin!
  And this one! She takes that little purple music player with her everywhere.
 What a cute little girl!


lexi said...

i can't get enough of that Keeley! She is so cute sitting in the box. and what silly little smiles!

Jolynn said...

She definitely loves the camera! If I didn't know better, I would never believe you when you say how naughty she is because she is just too darn cute!She the smiling-est baby I've ever seen.

cassidy said...

I love her silly smiles in this post too! She's so cute, even if she is a stinker.