Saturday, May 11, 2013

Clark County Fair--the rides

The first ride we went on was the swings. Finley thought it was a little too scary, so she didn't give it a try, but the other kids went with Daddy and had fun.
Then we hit up the kiddie rides.
There are lots of them, and they are not geared whatsoever towards adults' enjoyment at all. In fact, pretty much no ride at the fair has adults in mind.
We got to the fair very first thing, because we had to go on a Saturday so we wanted to avoid the lines as much as possible.
The kids actually really liked all these little rides.
Even Sareny.
This little rollercoaster actually looked pretty fun. But it kind of boggles my mind how the kids really aren't concerned with sitting by each other--when they get through the gate, apparently its every kid for themself.
Isaac and Finley rode this big truck together.
Not sure where Sareny was sitting.
And then came this unforunate moment--we were in line for the zipper, and the kids raced to the Haunted House. Without us. Not a good idea. Sareny and Isaac did fine, but after about a minute, Poor Finley Lynn came running out the entrance all by herself. I tried to taking her back in, but she changed her mind after just a couple of steps in.          
Grammy and Bampa hung around with us and watched the kids go on rides. They also bought Keeley that little pink hat to protect her head, and took her to the first aid station when she got sunscreen in her eyes.
Lexi and Scott were also there for the weekend, as was Scott's grandma. Me, Keith, Sareny, and Lexi and Scott rode the zipper. This may have been the worst decision I have made in a loooong time. I remember loving this ride as a kid and riding it over and over again, and this time, I was just trying to hang in there until it was over. I was seriously not feeling good, but by the time I got off, I felt fine again. I decided to trick my group though, and as soon as I got off the ride, I ran straight for the garbage can they were standing right by, then said, "Just kidding." Lexi thought I was about to puke!
The kids rode this mini boat ride thing that Finley said made her sick.
You can see Isaac putting his hands up in the air.
We rode the merry go round. Me, Finely and Isaac rode together.
Sareny ran off on her own and rode with random people...
Then the kids did some more kiddie rides.
It was cute that Isaac jumped on the back of Fin's motorcycle.
And then Finley rode the swings. Apparently this ride has a maximum height, and Finley was the only one short enough to ride.
She was so cute on it!

Love my little girl!
Then Keith took the older two kids on the full size pirate ship type ride--ugh. I wisely stayed off, but he said it was fine and even took them again. And now I am remembering the decision that was probably even worse than the zipper--I got on this dragon ride with the kids earlier in the day. It was just like those rides that are usually a giant berry that you sit in and they spin around and was awful, and it just kept going on and on! I leaned my head out several times and asked the ride conductor to stop (yes, it was that bad!) but he just smiled and waved at me. As it turns out, I don't think he could actually speak any English.
While the other kids were on that boat, Finley rode this little tractor.
She was just so cute!
Then they all rode this one.
Then Isaac and Sareny tried out this one, and it whipped them around the track.
They loved it, and everytime they came around they were completely giggling and laughing. I have never seen two people having so much fun! I let them ride it 3 or 4 times.
And then we did the swings again, but not before I got spit on. Yep. Low point of the day, for me. I was walking to the swings line carrying a lemonade, when a lovely swing rider hawked a big one on me. That landed right on my boob. Completely gross. I tried to determine who it was so I could confront them when they got off, but they were pretty good at looking inconspicuous. Jerk. But me and the kids had fun on the swings!

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lexi said...

yay for the fair! do you like how you have a picture of me and scott? i took that picture obviously! the kids are so cute on all the rides. and i still laugh about you running to get on the strawberry ride, only this time it was dragons, and then begging for the carnie to let you off... so funny. but not so funny about the jerk spitting on you. and i cant believe your shirt is now stained on the boob.