Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lego head guy

Isaac's class was talking about recycling, and the kids were supposed to bring something in that they upcycled, or reused from garbage. I had this empty red vines container waiting to be recycled, and I thought we cold make something interesting out of it. We decided to make a lego storage container!
The first step was removing the label, which was no easy task. We peeled off as much as we could, then I used a goo gone type product multiple times. I had the best results when I used a plastic disposable knife to scrape after letting the goo gone sit for several minutes.
We spray painted the whole thing several times with Krylon sunshine yellow paint for plastic.
Isaac picked out a face that he wanted, and I painted it on using acrylic paints. Lastly, we spray painted it with a sealer. It turned out so cute!
His teacher thought at first that he was bringing in one of the real lego head containers that they sell, so I think we were pretty close to the real thing!


cassidy said...

SO cool! Now I want to make one! It does look really good - not homemade at all. How fun.

holli jo said...

Super cool. Great job you guys. We definitely have to make one of these.

Jolynn said...

I love your lego container. I think you were super clever to come up with it!

lexi said...

good job on the lego head. it turned out really good!