Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Isaac's Fake Birthday

Isaac's kindergarten celebrated his birthday, which falls in the summer, in April. We got to bring in treats to his class. I thought parents just dropped the treats off in the office or when they brought their kids in to school, but as I was driving him to school, he said, "And you're going to come in my class today!" I was like, oh no! I had no idea parents did this, and not only did I not have a babysitter for Finley and Keeley, Finley was sick and had thrown up, so a babysitter wasn't even possible. I asked Isaac's teacher about it at dropoff, and she acted like I didn't need to come and said that morning they had 4 birthdays, and 3 of the moms came. But I thought, I don't want my boy to be the one kid who's mom didn't show up! His teacher also told me siblings were fine (although I'm sure puking ones, not so much.)
As you can see from the pictures, we made it there! I called Keith at work, and he was able to leave work early and meet us at the school. Finley had to wait by the door for a couple of minutes while we waited for Daddy to get there...poor little sick girl! She had to carry that barf bucket with her just in case, but fortunately didn't need it.
Isaac was excited to have his birthday celebration.
Once Daddy came he took Keeley and Finley home, but first he stopped to say hi to Isaac and pose for a picture.
Good thing Isaac mentioned that I would be visiting his classroom, otherwise the poor kid would have been waiting and waiting for me and very disappointed when I didn't show up!


cassidy said...

You're a good mom for making that happen! You're right, it would have been sad to be the only one who's mom didn't come. Cute Isaac in that last pic with frosting all over his lips. Poor Fin though! She looks miserable in that pic. What a trooper.

lexi said...

poor, poor finley! i feel so bad for her laying on that dirty old rug by the door being all sick. but im glad you got to be there for isaac. and it is a good thing he said you were coming to his class! fun that he got to celebrate his birthday too.