Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Visiting Grammy Jo and Bampa

 We decided to visit Grammy and Bampa and go to the Clark County Fair. We got there late Thursday April 11th, and the next morning while Grammy was at work, the kids played around outside and found a neighbor's cat.
They followed it around for a while.
Finley was smiling super cute!
Later in the day, we took the kids to the park.
They had lots of fun playing around.

Keeping up with Keeley is no easy task!
She is a climber, and very energetic!
Someone had to be on KeeKee duty at all times.
She liked the swings.
I wish someone besides Sareny would learn how to pump themselves in the swings! Seriously!
Isaac is trying to learn, but just hasn't gotten it down yet.
Then that evening, Sareny opened her present from Grammy and Bampa...she loved it!
It was a dream come true! Her very own tiara.
Grammy ordered it special from the same catalogs they get the homecoming queen's from.
Here she is modeling it...this item was actually on her list.
Isaac modeled the ribbon off the box.
 Grammy also packed it in this super cute box.
Isaac once again got the camera...and took a picture of this giant bear that is/was Lexi's. The kids love this thing for some reason.
The next morning before we went to the fair, Grammy Jo made a yummy breakfast and Bampa took the kids on a ranger ride. And then it was off to the fair!

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lexi said...

looks like those kids had fun with that kitty. and im not sure why all the kids love that giant bear. i don't even want it but mom keeps it because the kids love it so much. and i wish i got a ranger ride while i was home for the fair, those lucky kids!