Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ponies and Bronies

We've got some My Little Pony fans in our house, and let's just say, not all of them are girls. Apparently there are quite a few boys who appreciate the magical allure of ponyville, enough that they even have their own name--Bronies. My friend who's son is also a fan said she felt like they needed to get matching jackets that say something like, "I'm brony and I know it," or "Bronies for life!" At any rate, Isaac decided to throw caution to the wind and drew the above picture at school, which depicts Twilight Sparkle caught in something, with an evil pony and Spike also pictured. The next week, Finley made her own depiction of the ponies. I thought her picture was so cute and sweet!

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lexi said...

i love Fin's picture! that is just so cute and i like the blue tails. and isaac is awesome for being a bronie and drawing that picture at school! and poo that i havent commented in months!