Thursday, June 6, 2013

A preschool graduate

Finley's last day of preschool came much too quickly! She has absolutely loved going to school, and it has been a great experience for her.
I love that she wanted to wear her boots--they just look so cute.
The parents were supposed to arrive a little after class had started, and the kids were all set up in their classroom waiting for us.
They each had a little graduation cap to wear.
Here is her class lined up against the wall. I'll be honest, I still don't know the names of most of the boys, but the girls left to right are Sydney J., Bristyn B., Emma, and Finley.
  She was excited to have us come and see her class.
 She got a diploma from her teacher, Ms. Darice.
Then the kids sang some songs. They were so cute, and I was completely blown away by these little 4 and 5 year olds singing 50 Nifty United States. Finley knew pretty much all the words.
Finley looks cuter in the below picture, but I put them both because in the above picture, you can just see Bristyn's face and you can't see her at all in the bottom picture. Anyway, way to go Finley! Kindergarten is just around the corner, and she is so excited to start school.


Jolynn said...

Kudos to Finley! She looks so cute in her last day of school outfit. I'm really glad she got to go to pre-school, and that she loved it so much. It has been good for her, and it seems like she actually learned quite a bit.

lexi said...

Yay Finley! I'm so glad she liked going to school and learning. She is so cute singing 50 nifty, I can't believe she knows almost all the words still.

cassidy said...

Cute little Finners! It sounds like she really enjoyed preschool and learned a lot! Time goes by so fast - it seems like just yesterday we were talking on the phone about how you were nervous because you just sent Fin to preschool in a pullup and were hoping her teacher wouldn't notice! Can't believe the year is over!

holli jo said...

Yay for Finley! I'm glad she liked preschool.