Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Swim of the Season

 We took the kids swimming once the pool opened up for the season and had a fun time.
 Keeley looked so cute in her little hoodie coverup!
 Cute sissies!
 Keeley was excited to go swimming.
 The girls had fun swimming together.
 KeeKee River loves the swimming pool!
 Isaac had fun playing with Rivvie and made her laugh.
It's been nice this year because all of the kids, except Rivvie, obviously, know how to swim pretty well. Keeley has actually been very chill and relaxed in her little life jacket and enjoys just hanging out with mama. Glad we have this pool!


lexi said...

Swimming is a must in the Arizona summer and its good that your kids are all good swimmers. Rivvie has a cute swim suit.

cassidy said...

Keeley's "babing suit" (that's what Tru calls them) is SOO cute! It's awesome that your kids all love swimming and are good at it so you can go swimming at your awesome pool all summer. I'm jealous!!