Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Day of School

The last day of school came all too quickly. The kids, especially Isaac, were sad to have the school year over. Isaac actually begged me to put him in summer school. Much as I was looking forward to long days with all my kids home, no alarm clocks going off at 6:00, no frenetic schedules and lunch packing and getting everybody where they needed to go--it was still a little sad to see such a fun year come to an end.
Normally the kids wear uniforms to school, but on the last day they were allowed to wear whatever they wanted.
Admittedly, it is more fun and cute to wear outfits of your own choosing, but I have become a fan of the uniform. I like:
1) Not having to select/battle over what to wear every day--it makes getting ready in the mornings sooo easy.
2) Not having the pressure of getting my kids expensive, cool, name brand clothes so they can fit in or be "popular."
3) When I saw what some kids wore on the last day, I was reminded how nice it is not to be distracted by someone's booty hanging out of their too-short shorts.
But it was fun for a day!
 My little Isaac, waiting for his ride to come and pick him up.
 Sarenyanna decided not to take her backpack the last day and just brought this over the shoulder bag.
 KeeKee was attempting to run down the street, so Isaac tried to help me by grabbing her. She just wants to RUN!
Right after the kids left with their ride, I went in and saw Isaac's brand new white shirt I had bought for him sitting on the couch. The kids could take a shirt to have their friends sign. I pictured him sad and disappointed when he realized he left his at home, so I loaded up Finley and Keeley and we drove it down to him. His teacher said he didn't seem to care about the missing shirt. But he was glad to see us and was quick to have his friends sign his shirt.
 While we were there, I snapped a final picture with Ms. Isaacson.
 And one with "Mrs. Mina", the classroom aide. For more than half the year, I thought her last name was Hermina and that she was hispanic. Isaac always called her Mrs. Mina, but I figured out that he was dropping the first part of her name. Well, I was surprised to learn that she came from Poland as a young girl and that her first name is Ermina. One day during the year, Isaac asked me if I thought Mrs. Mina was nice or mean. I guessed mean. He said, "Nope! Nice. But her name sounds mean!"
 I snuck into Sareny's room for a couple pictures. They were playing some game with shoes.
She smiled at me. Her teacher was named Ms. McCord for the first part of the year, and Mrs. Troyer after spring break, when she got married. She was a good teacher and Sareny really liked her.
 And a last shot with her friends Aricelli and Christella.
Farewell to a fun year!


Jolynn said...

The last day of school is always a little sad, even though you are looking forward to a fun summer. I always loved summer when you kids were little. I'm glad Sareny and Isaac had such good teachers and a fun school year. It's great that they like school.

cassidy said...

How awesome that your kids loved school this year. Summer will be fun, but crazy with all of your kids home with you all day!

And you make some good points about school uniforms! That's nice that your school does them.

lexi said...

How fun they get to wear a cute outfit on the last day of school. Sareny has on a cute outfit. But uniforms are kind of handy. I saw KeeKee trying to sneak away in a picture of Igits haha. I'm glad Mrs. Mina is nice!