Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Kindergarten Graduate

The kindergartners had a special ceremony a couple days before the last day of school. They all gathered on the stage and sat with their class while the parents arrived.
Then they sang a couple songs, including Forever Friends, which was apparently their favorite, and a song based on an older song that was used for a Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial--Start Spreading the News. Their song said, "Start spreading the news, we're leaving today...something something...first grade first grade!" They were really cute, especially my Igits who was dancing a little bit.
Then each kid went up to the microphone and said, "My name is Isaac Fallstrom," although they obviously each said their own name. I was quite proud of my buki, as his voice was perfectly pitched and modulated and he was easy to understand. Many of the kids got nervous and rushed, or started speaking before they were stopped in front of the microphone, so you couldn't understand at least half of them. I think using the microphone at Primary helped him know what to do and not be nervous.
We went back to the classroom, where the teacher had individual awards for each child.
Here is Isaac walking down the red carpet when his name was called. And you can see Keith, Finley, and Keeley in the stroller in the back of the room. I was really glad Keith was able to make it to this special event.
Isaac got the Laffy Taffy award, for "having the most fun while learning." It came with a bag of Laffy Taffy's. I loved Isaac's teacher, Ms. Isaacson. She was so great and seemed to really love these kids, and Isaac loved her so much he said he might name his daughter Kelly (her first name.)
Ms. Isaacson also put together an awesome end of the year slide show that I was completely blown away by. She took pictures of each kid throughout the year on special days, like the first day of school, or just random days doing their work. Here is Isaac on his very first day of kindergarten.
It was so great to see our kids learning and having so much fun. It was such a special video. She also asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grow up. Here is Isaac.
Isaac said he wants to be a scientist so he can figure out why the bees are dieing. There were a couple of funny answers other kids gave--one boy wants to be Superman, and one girl wants to be a Target Worker! Pretty cute.
There is just something special about the kindergarten year, and I'm glad that Isaac's first school experience was so awesome.


cassidy said...

How fun! Isaac's kindergarten does some pretty cute stuff! I like the red carpet idea. So fun for the kids I bet! I can't believe he's done with kindergarten!

Jolynn said...

Cute little Isaac!!! I think he might really become a scientist someday. His teacher sounds pretty awesome. I would like to have seen the slide show that she made. I'm so glad he had such a wonderful kindergarten year.

lexi said...

Yay Isaac! He is the cutest little buki. And I love that he wants to be a scientist to find out why bees are dying. But the girl who wants to be a Target Worker... pretty funny.