Monday, June 17, 2013

Cute LeeLee

 I'm sure parents the world over think their offspring is the cutest ever, and we are no different.
  I love her cute little baldy head.
 And her bright blue eyes.
 And the way her eyes get scrunched up when she smiles.
 I love her devious little personality.
 I love her biggie teeth.
 And her stubborness.
Sometimes she likes to watch the washing machine going, and I like watching her watch the washing machine, if that makes sense. :)


holli jo said...

Super cute girl!

lexi said...

I see how her eyes sometimes look like mine, but she is cute despite that small prob. I love when babies like to look at the washing machine. It's so cute. And I bet you love her little baldy head because you don't have to give her fancy hair stus.

cassidy said...

Such cute pics! She has such a cute smile - with her biggie teeth and squinted eyes! She just looks so happy.

Jolynn said...

KeeKee is just adorable. She has the cutest little happy smile! Too bad you didn't know how fascinated she was with the washing machine several months ago when she was such a whiney hang-on-your-leg girl. Maybe that would have distracted her. In that second pic she looks very Quarnberg-y to me. But when did we start calling her LeeLee?