Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forever Friends, Forever You and Me

These little kindergartners were the cutest ever! For their end of the year concert, they had a Disney theme. They sang Be Our Guest, Mickey Mouseclub, Zippa-dee-doo-dah, Under the Sea, and then ended with a cute song called Forever Friends.
Isaac had such a great kindergarten year, and it was so fun to see the kindergartners looking so cute and proud on their big day.
I picked him up in his class afterwards, and snapped a picture with a few friends--Landon, Jack, Isaac, and Lucas.
Sareny had her concert that same evening. They played a medley on their recorders and then sang a couple of songs, including Let's go fly a kite.
 She looked so pretty and grown up. She is on the front row, the third from the right.
Lexi, Scott, and Elise came to support them, and we had a lot of fun watching them. I'm always a little bit jealous of the people who's grandparents get to come and watch their special things--that would be so fun, but it's been really nice to have some more family around now.


lexi said...

I love these concerts. The kindergartners were so cute singing Disney songs. And sometimes forever friends gets stuck in my head. I do wish Sareny's music teacher made her concert a little more cute and exciting though. She did really good and looked cute on the front row. But she was watching the fingers of the girl next to her for one of the songs.

cassidy said...

Cute pics! That's so fun that your kids are old enough to be doing cute little concerts.