Friday, June 7, 2013

The best picture ever

This is the best picture ever, because it completely captures the way my days go a lot of the time. This little tyrant wants attention, and she is going to make darn sure you know it and if you don't give it to her immediately, you won't be able to move.
If I'm just sitting there watching TV or doing nothing, she is usually fine playing. But if I dare stand up to get a drink of water, or go to the bathroom, or, heaven forbid, make dinner--this little girl comes running and screaming and pulling on my legs. It's been kind of hard, but I have to admit that I even love these little naughty faces to pieces. She's so cute and sweet and I just can't hold her neediness against her. And also, to be fair, these pictures were taken almost a month ago and she has been a tiny bit better the last few days, so I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed. But yeah, a teeny-tiny small part of me is going to miss seeing that scrunched up, desperately angry face that wants me so badly.


cassidy said...

I love that scrunched up face! I can't believe how needy KeeKee is!! But someday when she's a teenager and thinks parents are lame, you're going to remember fondly the days where she wanted you to hold her all day long!

Jolynn said...

That first picture is classic KeeKee! And it is so cute, in a funny way. Yeah, you are going to look back someday and kind of miss her hanging on your leg, wanting you to hold her. But at the same time, it will be nice when she is not so needy.

lexi said...

That is a perfect picture of Keeley! She has been so needy her whole life. But she is so cute, and its a good thing too!