Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ostrich Ranch part 2

After the monster truck tour, we fed the ostriches. I think Finley had the right idea here--chucking food in their general direction is about as close as I am willing to get to the business end of an ostrich.
Isaac would sometimes actually place the food right in the containers, but the rest of us tossed it.
I like this picture of these three guys and Picacho Peak in the background.
KeeKee staying hydrated. I have found I really like water bottles with the sports caps--it makes giving a baby a drink a lot easier.
And a couple more of the ostriches. These birds were all female. They only have a few males, and they do not keep them up front. Somebody asked why, and our tour guide told us there would be a little too much nature going on...
The female ostriches all have brown feathers and the males have black feathers.
Behind us here are the prairie dog burrows.
They were pretty fun to watch.
We threw peanuts in to them, and they would crack them open and eat out the nuts. If they could manage to do it before one of the other animals took it away from them. There was a bit of scrabbling going on.
Then we fed the ducks.
Lastly, we went into the lorikeet house, where we found this giant tortoise. I thought it was fake at first, but nope.
I love feeding these birds! They are so pretty.
If you hold out your nectar cup to them, they will come over and take the lid off by themselves.
The kids all loved this room.

If you're patient and hold really still, you can get them to land on your arm.
KeeKee being a bit of a grabby guts.
Sareny really wanted one to land on her, and she waited very still for a very long time.
She kept waiting and waiting, and finally one landed on her.
It didn't stay very long though.
So she tried again, and finally got another one to land on her.
After leaving the ostrich ranch, we headed home, but not before a stop at the "blue store," or Ikea. So by the time we got home, we were all pretty tired out.


cassidy said...

Seriously, that place looks so fun! It looks like your kids really liked it too. I like that pic of KeeKee being a grabby guts and I'm glad Sareny got some birds to land on her. Brave!

lexi said...

The prairie dogs look kind of fun to watch. Remember the prairie dogs at the animal museum in Utah at the Keel reunion?! The bird room looks cool.