Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mother's day at Kindergarten

Isaac's class issued special invitations for the moms to come and visit the classroom for a special mother's day celebration where we could be "pampered." I couldn't wait to see what they had planned! When I drop Isaac off for school, the afternoon kindergartners all line up on the stage before following their teachers out to the classroom, so I got a couple pictures with his class. I was already thinking he only got to do this a couple more times before his kindergarten year was over. :(
Once we got to the classroom, our student pulled out a chair for us. Then we looked at these lovely watercolors our kids had painted. The sign above the pictures says "Are you my mother?" We had to guess which picture was of us. I originally thought maybe the bottom left one was me, but after some clues were given, I was able to eliminate that one since that mom's favorite color was purple. I had a few pictures in mind that might have been me, and the first one was the blond mom on the top left, which had the clue, "my mom's eyes are green." The teacher pointed at that one and asked if anyone thought that was them. I looked around, and nobody else was raising their hand, so I raised mine, and I was right! Everybody kind of laughed about that, since I am not blond and there were several moms in the room who were. (Isaac later said he forgot that I had black, either way, it would have been wrong!)
Then we started on the beauty and pampering portion of the day. Isaac painted my nails, rubbed lotion on my arms, and massaged my back. He is giving me a massage in the below picture, but his motion made him all blurry.
 He made sure he got the tube of lotion that had sparkles and rubbed my arms.
 He chose a lovely shade of green for my toes.
After all that pampering, we moved over to the dessert station, where Isaac made me a yummy strawberry shortcake.
Then we played a couple of learning games together. I think this one was called Guess How Many are in the Cave.
You start with a certain amount of these little figures, like 15, hide some under the cave and arrange the other ones around. The other person has to figure out how many are in the cave. Isaac was pretty good at it.
We also played a game where we had to toss something into a bowl and keep track of our points.
Here is Isaac with the picture he painted of me. I love how he put earings, bracelets, and hearts on the picture. I love my sweet boy, and we had so much fun in his classroom!


cassidy said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet! What a fun day with your boy. You'll always remember it, I'm sure. How funny that he made you a blonde!!

lexi said...

This day just sound so cute! I love the painting Isaac made of you, even though he forgot you have black hair haha. So sweet that he pulled out your hair, rubbed sparkle lotion on your arms, painted you nails, and gave you a massage! Fun that you got to play some games too.

Jolynn said...

That just brought tears to my eyes, it was so sweet! I LOVE his painting of you. It is the cutest thing ever, even with the blond hair! And that picture of him painting your toes is so cute. The whole day sounds like it was priceless.

holli jo said...

Isaac loves his mommy! So cute.