Monday, June 3, 2013

Patty Cake

One of Keeley's favorite activities is playing patty cake, and I think Keith plays it with her more than anyone else.
Sometimes if she is being grouchy, I can distract her and make her happy by playing patty cake with her.
It is especially cute when she grabs your hands to clap them for you. It makes me smile when she is a helper girl.


cassidy said...

So cute!! Good for you, for capturing cute moments like this on camera!

Jolynn said...

Little Kee Kee is so adorable playing patty cake! You can tell that she just loves doing it by the cute little smile on he face.

lexi said...

I played patty cake with Keeley recently and she helped me clap my hands, it was so cute. She is adorabs playing with Keith. And good you can distract her by playing patty cake.