Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby on the go

Keeley is a girl who is always on the move. She sat for a moment on the couch and I hurried and snapped her picture before she was off again.
 Isaac came over to give her a hug, and you can see how she is just trying to get away so she can go!

She clambers and climbs.
 Finley wanted a picture with her.
 We tried.
 And we tried some more.
She got down.
 And then got up again.
And finally held still long enough for a picture. When Finley saw this picture, she said "oops! I forgot my blanket."
 She was attempting modesty in these pictures.
  Cute little Finley!


cassidy said...

Cute pics!! I can't believe how many teeth Keeley has! It makes her look so old. She's so cute in these pictures of her and her sibs. How cute that Fin was trying to be modest.

Jolynn said...

KeeKee has always been on the go since she could scooch around! Unless of course you want to go do something, like fix dinner. Then it's the hang-on-the-leg-and-cry thing. I just love her big ol' smile!

lexi said...

That girl does love to clamber and climb! Cute little KeeKee. And I put that bandaid on Fin's head at my house when I was babysitting.