Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can you hear me now?

I love the silly little grin Keeley is making in the above picture--it's so cute when babies tuck their lower lips behind their teeth!
 I mentioned in an earlier post that Keeley turns everything into a phone--here she decided to check out what kind of reception she could get from a saltine.
 I'm having a little bit of trouble hearing you, my cracker isn't getting very good reception.
Then she seemed to have both a cracker phone and a sippy cup phone. It was so cute.
I love this girl.


cassidy said...

How cute! I like that she had a cracker on one ear and the suppy cup on the other. Multitasker!

lexi said...

Keeley loves phones! It is so cute how she will hold up anything to her ear and say hi.