Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baseball Season

Isaac decided to try out baseball this year, and played on a combo T-ball/Coach pitch team. They were the Cubs, and their team banner was so cute!
 These pictures where he is wearing a red helmet are from his first game of the season.
 He was so funny and kept putting his hat on backwards while he was in the dugout.
 Here is cute little Keeley.
In this division, the coach pitched several times to each batter, and then would get out the tee if they couldn't hit one of the pitches. In his first game, Isaac had to use the tee to hit.
Nobody gets out in this division--they just go down the batting order and each kid gets to hit. Isaac was what they call the "homerun hitter," meaning he was up to bat last and was supposed to run around all the bases after he hit the ball.
 Somehow, he got it into his head that he was supposed to slide into homeplate, and he did it everytime.
 Here he is in the outfield.
 And batting again.
 There are a couple of kids in the way, but you can see him sliding in the above picture.
Here he is with his coach, Tiffany C. She was super patient and good with the kids.
 After that first game, we bought Isaac his own helmet, and here he is at bat in his last game.
From about halfway through the season, he started hitting off the pitch everytime and didn't need the tee anymore. I was super impressed!
It was so fun to see how much he improved, and how much fun he was having.
Here is a picture of his whole team. They all did so great, and I actually really enjoyed watching them play.
And a proud boy with his trophy. Way to go Isaac!


cassidy said...

How awesome that he started hitting the pitched balls!! He's so funny...always sliding into home and wearing his hat backwards. And that was a cute pic of Keeley in her hat too!

lexi said...

Glad I got to watch some of his games. He was so cute in his little baseball uniform. You didn't mention him running pretty slow because he can't get out in this league haha. I'm glad he started hitting off the pitches, that is awesome.

Jolynn said...

He looks so little up there batting! That's so funny that he always thought he had to slide at home plate. But hey, a kid's gotta learn to slide, so he might as well learn now. Next year we HAVE to make it to a game. Kudos to him that he started hitting the pitches.

holli jo said...

Way to go, Isaac! Sounds like he had lots of fun.

holli jo said...

Way to go, Isaac! Sounds like he had lots of fun.