Thursday, June 20, 2013

funny kids

The kids are always saying some pretty silly or strange things--here are a few of them.
Isaac adds endings onto nouns to turn them into adjectives. For intance, he has said, "that shirt is pretty Halloweeniful." 

Isaac knows how to say first, but if he is trying say an ordinal number that comes after that, like second or third, he will say "the twof," or "threef." At least he's aware the word should be different, right?

At Christmastime, Isaac's class had to color a picture of Santa stuck in the chimney and write what they would do to help him. Isaac's paper said, "if santa was stuck in the chimney--I'd jump on his bottom." That made me laugh.
On the drive back and forth from Grammy Jo and Bampa's house, there are a lot of empty stretches of road. The only real cities we pass though are Kingman and Wickenberg. On our last trip, after passing Hoover Dam and driving for a bit, Isaac asked, "Are we at Kingberger yet?"

One day when I was in my swimming suit, Isaac looked at my tummy (which admittedly is rather large, unfortunately) and said, "Maybe one of your eggs is trying to hatch."
When Sareny was younger, she had a lot of strange ways of saying things. Here are a few of them.
pretend--tootend, Hannah Montana--hanna tana, Hair-do--hair stu, Excuse me--weesies. She also didn't like sleeping in her big girl bed and always wanted to either sleep in our bed or have us lay with her until she fell asleep. She would say, "I'm too lonn," meaning I'm too lonely.

The other day, Sareny was asking us, "Who's that scary guy bampa is always talking about?" It took some detective work, but Keith figured out she was talking about when Bampa tells them spooky stories about Injun Joe from Tom Sawyer. Sareny said, "Engine Joe--I knew it started with a train, like Train Joe."
I have taken some flack over the years for mishearing the lyrics to a song from The Parent Trap. Apparently the line says, "A gruesome twosome we will be." And I mistakenly said, "A busta-chusta we will be." What is a busta-chusta, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. We've decided Sareny is as bad as me at mishearing song lyrics. The other day she was singing along to a song by One Direction that says, "Baby just shout it out, shout it out, yeah." And she was singing, "Baby just sha-vida, sha-vida, yeah." She didn't know what shavida meant either.
Finley is well known around these parts for her wicked temper tantrums. One day Keith and I were eating drumsticks, and Finley came in and saw us and wanted one. We had two kinds of drumsticks in the freezer--the kind with nuts and some with a cookie topping, and Finley only liked the cookie kind. I told Keith "Go find out if we have any of those cookie kinds left, or if Finley is going to throw a fit." When he came in, she said "Is I'm going to throw a fit?"

Finley had the spotlight bag for primary, and she was supposed to bring in some items that she liked. She packed the bag by herself, but not knowing that she had already put a watch in, I put in a pretty one that I knew she liked. When she pulled the first watch out, she said, "I like to wear watches." Later when she pulled the second watch out, I was wondering what she was going to say. Apparently, she's a fast thinker, because she said, "I like to know what time it is."
One day I heard her playing piano with her friend. Finley was playing the lower notes and the friend was playing the higher notes. Finley said to her friend, "I'll play the bad notes and you do the good ones."

A few months ago, she had to go to the dentist for some fillings, and it took two appointments. At the second appointment, she asked me, "Are my lips going to be yum again?" Since then she has said a couple of times, "Remember when I went to the dentist and my lips were yum?" When we left the dentists office, he said she should eat soft food and listed a few things, including scrambled eggs. When we got home, that is what she wanted to eat. Later in the day, she said, "I want some more rotten eggs."
Pretty much everytime she says a prayer, she includes, "Thank thee that keekee will stop biting mommy's boobies." I think we're all looking forward to that day...

One Sunday she was getting ready for church and said she was going to wear her boots and put on perfume because, "I want to look 'tacular."
The other day, Finley's friend Sydney said, "Keeley still looks cute, even though she had to get her beautiful helmet off."
One of Keeley's favorite things to do is pinch me repeatedly (rather hard, I might add) and say "Ow!" with each pinch.
Another of her favorite games is dropping her sippy cup repeatedly on the floor and saying, "Uh-oh!" each time. You, of course, keep handing it to her, and she starts dropping it practically before you even let go of the cup. She also likes to walk around the house holding various items (phones, remotes, crackers, whatever is handy) up to her head and saying, "Hi!" repeatedly.
I love these cute and silly kiddos!


cassidy said...

I was laughing out loud almost this whole post! I love hearing about the funny things kids say. My fave is Finley's: "Is I'm going to throw a fit?" Haha!! Silly and cute kids.

Jolynn said...

I have to say, I was laughing out loud as well. My fave was Isaac's "Maybe your egg is trying to hatch." Oh my word, it still makes me laugh. They are all quite hysterical. I have a feeling some of these might become favorite family quotes in the near future. I can see someone at Christmas time when we are all together for a little too long saying, "Is I'm going to throw a fit?" Haha!

lexi said...

I'm glad Fin prays for your boobies and KeeKee to stop biting them! These kids are so funny. I love how Sareny sings the wrong words to songs. And how Isaac thought maybe one of your eggs is trying to hatch. And that naughty Keeley pinching you and saying ow!